Friday, 12 November 2010

Baby Room & Bathroom in Our New Flat

As some of you know we just moved flat, I am slowly getting rooms done one by one, today we are getting the boiler replaced then I can get on with the other rooms but here is the bathroom and most importantly the nursery and our room - we have a room for the baby when she gets older but we want to co-sleep so she is going to share with us to begin with. I realise it is probably quite boring for the majority of people but my mum, cousin and sister etc all live far away and wanted to see and instead of emails this is way easier plus I want a reminder myself of how it looked and so baby strawberry can see it one day when she is older. We have had so much help and support from so many people and not all of them are mentioned here only the things you can see, thank goodness for good friends and family...
(just click on the photo's to make them MMMAAASSSIIIVE)

Ours and baby strawberry Room
Wall Flower from Viola and family
Beautiful Moses Basket From Marianne
Little plate and Doll Puppet from when I was a little Girl and strawberry changing mat made by Lisa
Our New Bed
Baby Play Mat and piggy nappy bin

Mobile from cousin Hannah and cute stickers
Some Baby Clothes from granny Soraya and granddad Alistair
All Folded Nicely with wee vests from Lydia

Banksy, Fairy, Cupcakes and Harajuku Lovers, some of my favourite things
New Towels From Fraz's Bro Doug and Wife Carly
Hello Kitty Jewellery Box and Strawberry Make-up bag from my Sister
Some little ornaments from Frazers Granny

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