Saturday, 9 October 2010

The big 50% Off Sale is now on!!

YAY- It's Saturday and I am so excited about this sale, If you haven't heard yet you can also check out my latest newsletter here or visit my facebook page for more info. This is an example of what I write about, If you are interested in subscribing then just enter your email here, or up above in the tabs where it says (subscribe) - but I'm sure that is fairly obvious.

I am slowing down quite a bit now as I'm almost 8 months pregnant so my plan is to work my wee arse off this next few weeks making last minute money and getting my shop stocked and getting orders out then we will be moving to a new flat at the start of November, I will need the last few weeks to relax and wont be able to concentrate on my shops for a while after the baby is here either- so now is the time, I will show some photo's of our new flat soon.

The main thing I'm excited about is that our new flat has a kitchen with a window in it and a table with chairs, it's a nice size, the one we have now is tiny and dark - and not only that but we will have a big freezer, not one of these little tiny things that you can only cram 4 packets of things into, that alone will make life so much easier and most of all baby strawberry will have her very own room for when she gets older, when people said things would all fall into place I didn't think they would for us but they really are, and I'm over the moon. I really feel on top of the world at the moment. I am happier than I have been for years. (excuse the cheesiness, just watched Letters to Juliet and it must have rubbed off)
Anyway sorry I went off on a tangent there! Oh one last thing Folksy featured me yesterday as the " shop of the day" Thanks Folksy :D Last but not least, go pick up some unique and cute christmas presents from either my Etsy or Folksy.

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