Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Salad From My Mums Garden & an Easy Salad Dressing Recipe...

I am what you would call a salad geek, it makes me happy when I have tons of ingredients and I love making new dressings for all different types of salad. What I loved about this salad below is how it had around 6 different types of lettuce, edible flowers called Nasturtiums, spring onion and tons of different herbs all grown by my mum. It's such a good feeling to just go outside and be able to collect food to eat. My wee baby is kicking like mad and no wonder with all these nutrients I have been eating lately. Here are some photo's for you to see.

very simple salad dressing recipe I like to use is...

Olive oil (lid full)
White Wine Vinegar (lid full)
sea salt (This really brings out the flavours)

It's so easy but really effective, you don't need much either especially if the salad has a lot of herbs in it. I add garlic into the salad sometimes too, it just adds a little kick. I am also a lover of balsamic vinegar if you haven't used that for salad dressing yet I highly recommend it. Also adding some mustard or mayonnaise and mixing it in with the dressing can be tasty.

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