Saturday, 7 August 2010

Reverse Lego Jewellery Designs by Strawberry Anarchy

Reverse Lego is a new range of mine. I have only seen Lego jewellery with the front of the LEGO being the main focus but I wanted to do something slightly different and I have always thought the back of the lego bricks looks pretty too, if not prettier and especially when filled with lovely coloured dots.

I have searched high and low and as far as I know there is no other Lego jewellery quite like this so you will be stylish and unique at the same time.

I am very excited about these as they are great fun to make. I hope you like them! I am selling these for bargain prices right now at Etsy($) and Folksy(£)
Reverse Lego Yellow Citrus Dots Brooch

Reverse Lego White With Blue and Pink Dots Brooch

Reverse Lego Ring in Yellow

Reverse Lego Red Berry Rectangle Necklace (reversible)
Reverse Lego Four Square in Yellow and Blue Necklace
Reverse Lego Blue Haze Rectangle Necklace (reversible)

Reverse Lego Kitschy Pink Bracelet

Reverse Lego Kitschy Blue Lime Bracelet

Reverse Lego Grey Bit Earrings

Reverse Lego Black Berry Brooch

Reverse Lego Black Spectrum Necklace

I will be adding lots of new designs and colours to my Reverse Lego Range in future! Keep and eye out for bracelets and earrings *coming soon* Also take a visit to see my new peculiar planet jewellery.

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