Monday, 2 August 2010

Photo's of My Mum's Beautiful Garden...

I have just spent the week at my parents house in Dundee and I couldn't believe how much the garden had bloomed, my mum has been working very hard on it almost every day for the whole summer and it's so worth it. It's so pretty I had to get some photo's, it felt great to eat all the veggies and herbs my mum had grown and they have all been grown with the compost from the house too, we had a fresh salad every day. I loved spending time in the garden and ended up staying at home for most the week apart from one night when I stayed at a friends house, normally I spend a lot of time staying at different friends houses but because I'm 6 months pregnant now I didn't feel like gallivanting as much and of course the garden was just too nice to leave :) Here's some photo's of the garden...
Garden Sculpture/shrine My mum Made
This is also handmade
My Granddads Old Boot
The compost Bin
My favourite Part of the garden
Veggie plot
Look at all that lovely food- yummy
view of the entrance

Hanging Baskets


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