Monday, 16 August 2010

My Thoughts On My T.V Appearance...

If you didn't know then I was on T.V last week for Strawberry Anarchy. I found a clip that everyone can watch, even people outside of the U.K... There was an article written on me and my business (click here to see) Or below here are my thoughts of the day...
Clip Now on My YouTube Channel

I am very self critical and I would have liked to have more of a chance to express myself positively and to tell people about my inspiration and where it comes from and new products and especially all the new exciting idea's I have lined up for the future of Strawberry Anarchy. I know I'm my own worst critic so my initial reaction was pure hatred for the clip. However now I am just relieved that I never had a meltdown on live T.V that would have been pretty BAD! I did actually have a lot of positive stuff stored up to announce but I didn't get the chance to say them unfortunately since the focus was on unemployment which lets face it is a depressing subject.

We had a really fun day going to the S.T.V studios though, it was a good experience and it was definitely a different kind of day from the usual. I was going to be doing a crafty demonstration but the time they had for my slot was too short so they got me to just speak about being unemployed and starting my own business instead which was fine since I could concentrate more on what I said rather than trying to speak and concentrate on making something at the same time. Nothing will take away from the fact it is horrible seeing yourself on T.V and it's just surreal and strange but I am glad I did it and I am going to start making YouTube video's of me showing people how to make things and also talking about other things so thank you S.T.V for giving me this opportunity and also inspiring me to make my own video's in future.

Here is a photo below of me, Frazer and the presenters... This is a photo with Fiona Ferns who discovered me haha...
This is a photo with Victoria Glen and partner Gregg
My outfit...
Me and Frazer before we left...
You can watch the whole program The Hour Thursday 12th August. You can watch this only if you are in the U.K and also it is only available for 30 days (link to watch the whole program)
Also please check out Victoria Glen's blog, she had a double lung transplant only 3 months ago and was SO inspiring, she would like to get more people to be organ donors. Victoria and Greg were great people and we are glad we met them.
Everyone at the S.T.V studio's were friendly and made us feel welcome too.

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