Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fairy Room and Nesting...

I would love this room for my little girl. I love the tree in the corner and the beautiful bed. It's all so cute and magical I would have loved this, all it needs is a swing in the middle to complete the fairy dream. I found this room and photo's over at female ways. I want a room for our baby but we live in a one bedroom flat. We have a big living room and a cupboard off of it so we will just stick the baby in there, only kidding!! haha but we are going to make a little corner of the room for the baby and I will use that cupboard for baby stuff and she will be with us for ages to begin with anyway as I don't feel comfy just leaving her on her own until she feels secure enough. My mum and cousin are going to come up and re-arrange the whole flat to make it better I'm really looking forward to it as they are both great at that kind of thing and I can't really move heavy furniture now. I bought some cute vinyl stickers I can put in the babies area. I think my nesting instincts are kicking in now.

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