Friday, 4 June 2010

I Now Own The Coolest Rainbow Brite Jumper in History Look...

I woke up today to a beautiful parcel from one of my best friends who now lives in America, she moved there when she was 12 from Scotland but we have always still been great friends and even met up when we were about 19/20 to go travelling around Europe then I lived in America for a few months with her too. We have always kept in contact and have even been through similar experiences as each other so we definitely think of each other as soul mates.

When I woke up today. I was so happy to receive such an amazing parcel. Look at all the beautiful things, and especially the amazing rainbow brite jumper, it's officially my favourite jumper now and will be until it has been worn to shreds. I love everything so much. The lego man torch is amazing, anything lego is amazing, my favourite toy. The mini disco ball chain is soooo sweet too I was wearing it today in my sunny room and it was making cool little light patterns on the wall. The little flowers are STICKERS!! we used to collect them when we were little girls and still have the books we split them so have one each. The hamster of happiness is so funny too, I had never heard of it before but this is a cool giant button and when you press it the hamster of happiness gives you positive affirmations in a funny voice :) Thank you my beautiful friend!!!

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