Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Strawberry Anarchy June 2010 Giveaway Result!

Hi everyone the giveaway has now ended. Thanks so much for taking part. I was over the moon to have 173 entries! What a great success! I have chosen a number from and have notified the winner by email. The Winner is Tiffany. Sorry to everyone who didn't win. Just enter your email in the top left hand side of my blog and you will receive my newsletter to notify you of Strawberry Anarchy news and my daily updates. Visit my Folksy or Etsy shop to see what the lucky winner will pick or to grab what you liked before it gets snapped up.

In a Few days time new choices of chain for My Snowglobe/ Vial Necklaces will be available. I will be changing my listings and all my vials will be listed as only pendants, then you can choose what type of necklace or charms you want them made up as. You will be able to choose from:
stylish black wire magnetic necklaces...

New smaller prettier and coloured ball chain...

Key Rings, Zip/Bag Charms, Cell/Mobile Phone Charms and Car/Window Charms...

And very soon Sterling silver chain in short, medium and long lengths, which will be great for extra special gifts. Also I will be supplying handmade gift boxes to present them in. So check back soon!
I can't wait and hope you like the new choices please feel free to give me feedback and tell me if you would like to see any other new additions to my shops...

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

(sex of baby) Drumroll......

and the majority of you WERE right!! We are having a little baby girl!! We are over the moon and they said everything so far is looking healthy. It really was amazing to see the scan, the baby was moving around and we seen the little hands and nose etc. Very cute!!

74% percent said girl, 26% said boy on this poll. How did you all know? I was convinced it was a boy, either way I would have been just as happy though. It means My Little Ponies, Barbie, Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake -YAY!!!! Also tree climbing, lego, building den's and catapults will be included too! I liked boy and girl stuff so we can do everything :D

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Monday, 28 June 2010

Beautiful Toilet Rolls????

Finally something cool to make out of toilet rolls instead of the regular space rockets you tried to make when little or weird brown tubular fairy caste turrets. I love them the first artist is Anastassia Elias and the second lot of beautiful toilet rolls is by a Japanese artist called Yuken Teryua

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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Poll to Guess What Sex My Baby is (answer in two days)...

Just thought this would be a bit of fun as I personally always like to test my psychic skills. I thought I would set up a poll so you can guess what sex my baby will be and to see if everyone guesses right. We find out on Tuesday so I will blog the answer in two days time. So why not take a guess? If you can't see the widget below here is the link Poll: What Sex Will My Baby Be? ...
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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Jewellery I love by French Designer N2

I was walking around Edinburgh a few days ago handing out my business cards and I discovered another sweet little shop (that's what I love about Edinburgh, all these unique little places) I found a shop called "present" and they supplied the most quirky jewellery by a designer called N2 which is so inspiring! I asked for the name so I could see more of the work, if you would like to see more visit the N2 website. Here are some photo's so you can see....

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Friday, 25 June 2010

Cat That Thinks It's a Snake

Watch this funny cat, the poor thing has identity issues. I love it when animals do out of the ordinary things like this...

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Magic Mushroom Lamps I Want

I love these so much, I would have them everywhere in my house if I could. I adore how real they look and you should check out the site where you can see lots more designs, although the site is in a different language it was fairly easy to navigate around.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Interview With Alex Botten-Clark from Thee Moths

I have known Alex for years since back when I was 14 and got into my first band with him. He's always done music and now you can hear his latest album "Data Magic Analogue Wonder" Things have changed a lot since the days of thrashing acoustic guitars of Magnetic North Pole (the band we were in together)

This album has some very relaxing parts that take you on a little journey, I like listening to it while I'm making things since it is mostly instrumental apart from track 9 which sounds like a non intrusive monk chant, it doesn't distract me with words and instead puts me in a zone of concentration and relaxation and I like all the strange electronic noises and ambient sounds, It could be played while walking around a magical garden like in Alice in Wonderland because it sounds so organic. You should give it a listen. I also asked Alex some questions....

You can listen to the whole record here completely free - which is also where people can buy it for a total bargain of £2 (or, if you want the physical version) you can buy it from here

"Alex, was just going to ask you about your inspiration for this album and also could you explain how your music has developed over the years since now it is more electronic? "

The change was very gradual. I'd always done solo things over the years using the drum machines on cheap keyboards, but it was playing a weekend's worth of shows with LA's Lucky Dragons that really changed the way I thought about making music. Out went the guitar and songs, in came a Powerbook (later replaced with a MacBook). I like how portable and versatile laptops can be. These days the two I use live are pretty much just doing some light effects processing, but the options for more are always there. Even with a huge case of equipment I'm still hauling less around than I did when I was playing in guitar bands.

"Who is Will and Dani who you mention the album is dedicated to? "

Dani and Will are a band called Celer. They are married. Dani died suddenly last year. She is a friend that I miss. The the first two tracks on the album are named for Dani and Will.

"I would also like to know your thoughts on free music and why you have personally decided to let people listen for free."

I produce a LOT of music these days, often going only a couple of weeks between releases. Most of it now gets released as part of the ongoing SuperLimited project -where I put out records in tiny runs (anything from 1 to 20 copies) - but some are put up for free on the web. I'd rather 3000 people download something for free than 5 people buy a CD leaving me with boxes of unsold product under my bed. Many small indies would only do a run of 500 CDs and they would often not sell out. I'd get paid with a percentage of the pressing that I'd often just give away. Nowadays I can put something out, have it cost nothing to manufacture, and have many thousands of people hear it. I make no more money than I did, but I make no less.

The Super Limited stuff is totally different - once it's sold out that's it, I don't put the music up for sale online as mp3s....I guess I see the whole thing as an art project

"and one last thing, if people buy a hard copy "Limited to 50 copies in hand numbered and stickered arigato paks." what does "arigato" packs mean?"

Click here to see an Arigato Pak - they're card sleeves designed and manufactured by Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon. They are easily printed on, and far nicer than plastic cases.

Alex has many talents you should visit his personal website to check out his amazing art which should really have a whole new post all of it's own that I will do at some point, gig posters and listen to the many bands and music he has made including Magnetic North Pole.

and... last but not least don't forget to enter my Strawberry Anarchy giveaway (couldn't be easier, just leave a comment) it ends on the 30/06/10

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Blog Giveaway!! WIN a $40 or £27 Gift Certificate for Strawberry Anarchy

UPDATE: Giveaway has now ended

To celebrate reaching 1000 and beyond fans on my facebook page I promised a giveaway and it couldn't be easier, simply leave a comment below for one entry. One lucky winner will win a $40 /£27 Strawberry Anarchy gift certificate ($ redeemable on Or if you prefer to shop in £ on When you comment below you will be prompted to enter your email address this is what I will use to contact you if you have won. Don't worry I wont use your email or spam you. The winner will have 3 days to respond or the prize will go to the next random person.

For Bonus Entries:
To qualify for extra entries you simply leave a separate comment for every time you want to enter. Each separate comment will count as one entry.

1. Visit My Strawberry Anarchy Etsy shop (LINK) or Folksy shop (LINK) and leave a comment(s) here with your favourite item (This will help me see what people like).

2. Blog about this giveaway with a link back to this post and comment here with a link to your blog so I can come and say a big Thank you.

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Contest ends June 30th, at 12:00 noon. (One winner will be chosen by

Monday, 21 June 2010

Some Rubber Collection Photo's

I had been missing my collection a bit since they are all at my parents house so when I was back in Dundee I took some photo's, This is just a tiny amount, you can see all of them in the previous post which also has a film of them I did for uni. There are approx 7,000. I still love them but will be selling them soon for money for the baby. I wish I could sell the whole collection instead of splitting it up if only I could find a weird museum that would buy them. You can click the photo's to see them in detail. If you have any idea's of places or people that might like to buy the whole collection please let me know.

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