Thursday, 27 May 2010

You Need To Watch Blood, Sweat and Luxuries...

This is a program on BBC3 in Britain, people in the U.K can watch it online here. However if you are not in the U.K then do a few searches, you may be able to watch this and "Blood, Sweat and takeaways" which was the last series might be available to watch. I think everyone should watch this program it really opens your eyes and shows you the truth about slave labour and the way people are trapped in their lives working for nothing. It's sickening and depressing but should certainly be watched. A group of privileged teens go over to see with their own eyes where all their luxuries come from and how hard they have to work to get nothing. Warning: You might feel like strangling a few of them, especially Oskar a right spoiled little arrogant twat.

A woman works away from home at a technology firm in Singapore to send money to her family for her son who she has only seen a hand full of times since born and when she goes to visit he doesn't even recognise her, heart breaking that she has to sacrifice this bond so he can eat.

Another man who works mining gold supports 18 family members he has a handful of books and reads them over and over. All he wants is an eduction but he can't even afford to buy a new book so treasures the few he has.

A little boy works with toxic chemicals in a dump burning wires to get the copper to sell, he has been coughing blood from the toxic fumes, when asked what he would like to do when he's older he just says "go to school" also when asked where he sleeps he reveals he doesn't even have bedsheets and sleeps in the open with no blankets.

It is unreal how lucky we are here in Scotland and how much we forget it too. I feel like I really need to appreciate things more and would love to help. Maybe all of us who watch it should really take advantage of our privileges and make enough money so we can help. We moan about things all the time but we are really privileged. I personally have been inspired to really start making things again since I am honoured to have access to the internet, enough supplies to do it and good enough health to be able to.

If you watch it and want to help here are some suggestions you can visit and see what you can do to help.

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