Sunday, 30 May 2010

Shocking toll of suicides at iPad factory in China revealed

UPDATE: I feel really guilty about this post now because my dad bought us an ipad for Christmas. He actually bought an android pad first but it didn't work and it was freezing and he took it back and was given an ipad, it was second hand which makes me feel a little better and we never asked for it but I still feel guilty because I was so against this, he went to a lot of trouble to get us one so I didn't want him to have to take it back. It's a shame that this is what I associate with it though. I am very thankful for the present never the less and it is a good thing to use. Just wish the company treated these workers better. Well that is my confession....

Remember I blogged about Blood, Sweat and Luxuries the other day? One episode was situated in an ipod factory. It was terrible. Nice and clean compared to other episodes but just completely soul destroying you can watch it to get an idea of why. In that episode some questions came to the surface asking how people could work there, how could they and would they not go crazy ? I just came across this article about the shocking suicide tolls in an ipad factory (same difference) . Please give it a read it pretty much answers all those questions from before, yep the place is that bad that a lot of people actually kill themselves.
"As well as setting up a suicide hotline and asking monks to bless the factories, it has been reported that the company plans to hire 2,000 psychiatrists and counsellors. Foxconn (biggest supplier to Apple) has also put up fencing to try to stop workers jumping from dormitory blocks. But few people believe the harsh working environment alone can explain the suicides. After all, people are free to leave their jobs"

long working hours, fake lighting, no identity, obsessive tidiness, long hours, trapped feeling, not enough to do anything or get away, supporting families, no fun facilities on the campus, no time to socialise or make friends, living where they are working. They want to hire psychiatrists, no doubt they will be getting zero money too. Putting up fences will make it seem even more like a prison or a mental hospital, you wonder why your workers are going crazy? Apple you fucking evil bastard company stop being so greedy and pay your workers properly.

"An estimated 80 per cent of workers were born in the Eighties or Nineties, and one commentator says: 'This generation's resilience and ability to endure hardship is weaker. Their self-esteem is more fragile. They have more dreams and they feel pressure more. They are not like the previous generation of migrant workers who were known for their toughness and patience"

Bullshit!!! That is probably because they see how long the previous workers have been there and do not want to spend their lives working in this total shit hole and having nothing to show for it years and years later they can not see any way out of it. They are also not taken in by the novelty factor of a new shiny place to work like the older generations probably were they have seen that hopes of better lives and standard of living have not been accomplished. This supposedly being one of the better places to work in China and it's still -diabolical. So the company is self admittedly the killer of dreams- nice!! If humans don't even have dreams then what else do they have to live for?

FUCKING BASTARD COMPANY I HATE YOU!!!!! They make so much money and they do not even have the decency to pay their workers enough to have enjoyable lives. I know this happens everywhere but they should be exposed so people know about it and don't buy anything from them.

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