Sunday, 18 April 2010

Holiday In Dundee was Fun

I had a great time visiting everyone in Dundee it was a fantastic holiday. I spent a lot of time in nature which was amazing and my friend took me to a spa so it was a really relaxing good experience. I have enjoyed being back in Edinburgh too though. My friend and I went up Arthur's seat which is just about 20 minutes walk from my house, I previously thought it was just a boring old hill but it actually has loch's and ponds and is really beautiful. Unfortunately I forgot my camera when I was in Dundee so I never got any photo's. Also I have heard nothing back from disqus i.e the comments- really annoyed about that I will have to deal with it some time but am worried I mess up my blog template and just keep putting it off. Here's a few photo's of me and a friend in Edinburgh zoo...

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