Friday, 23 April 2010

How To Store Herbal Tea Bags/ Herbal Tea bag Storage Solution

I got into drinking herbal tea only last year and now I love trying all different flavours and brands but if you are like me and you don't have much counter space or a spare cupboard to dedicate to the many different shaped tea boxes then they can become quite a pain in the ass to store.

I went on a hunt for something to store my tea in. Preferably a shelve system or drawers but all I could find was the ones below which just didn't appeal to my needs especially the tea bag storage which are flat and have a lid that lifts up and can only store a few flavours- very pointless in my opinion. I like to have many flavours to choose from depending on what mood I'm in. Since I've stopped drinking alcohol herbal tea is my new healthy addiction.

My mind was seriously boggled with how hard it was to find something suitable then my sister mentioned a tool box for screws and bolts then it clicked that I had a similar type system for my jewellery which would be perfect and so I went and checked it out. It was perfect! The tea bags fit perfectly and it closes to keep them fresh, it keeps them separate and it looks funky and tidy.

All I had to do was make little cardboard squares , I made plenty for when I get new tea and the top bit has enough storage space so I can keep a dedicated pen and some blue tack there (yes I agree I have become slightly OCD with my tea storing issues) Anyway below you can see the types of regular storage systems and why I think they are rubbish. At the bottom you can check out my perfect little tea drawers and you can see it in my little kitchen. If you want to buy one you can get one here. The company Keter and model flip bin you can find here to go in search yourself. Also I would be interested to hear from other people who might have had this problem and I wonder how you store them? yes I'm sad like that :D

This one below is the best out of a shit bunch but only enough room for three?

Round and Flat? = Stupid way to store them in my opinion

No lid to keep them fresh too small and not stackable
Flat and pointless yet again too little flavours and top opening lid = stupid
You would need a whole shelf for these little jars and they would be hard to store
Would be fine If you weren't bothered about choosing a flavour and wanted a random choice

Ah finally something that saves counter space, can store as many as 16 flavours and is compact
My little kitchen looks cute and organised now - yay

Click the photo to see the flavours I have- I'm gonna give some away and buy more so it's filled with only the best flavours I also have too many rose :)

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Photo's of The Museum Of Childhood in Edinburgh

Today me and a friend went to visit the museum of childhood since it's now free. It was really cool, not too big but interesting although some of the dolls and children statues were creepy and old you can see how freaky the one I got a photo with is. There are loads of them dotted about standing in weird positions and they could be mistaken for ghosts SPPOOOOKY. I got some photo's so you can see some of the stuff...

Monday, 19 April 2010

My New Haircut, Before and After

I hadn't had my hair cut for a year it was last April when I think I last got it done and for months now I wanted it cut and dyed (too many Gray hairs) I finally got it done. I got Frazer (my boyfriend) to take some photo's you can see his new hoodie I bought for him I couldn't resit it since he loves Nintendo.

New Hair
Serious New Hair Pose hehe

New Hair Daft Face
New Hair and my Beloved Giant Troll
Me and Frazer

My Old Boring Hair Below
Frazer New Hoodie

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Holiday In Dundee was Fun

I had a great time visiting everyone in Dundee it was a fantastic holiday. I spent a lot of time in nature which was amazing and my friend took me to a spa so it was a really relaxing good experience. I have enjoyed being back in Edinburgh too though. My friend and I went up Arthur's seat which is just about 20 minutes walk from my house, I previously thought it was just a boring old hill but it actually has loch's and ponds and is really beautiful. Unfortunately I forgot my camera when I was in Dundee so I never got any photo's. Also I have heard nothing back from disqus i.e the comments- really annoyed about that I will have to deal with it some time but am worried I mess up my blog template and just keep putting it off. Here's a few photo's of me and a friend in Edinburgh zoo...

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Just Quick Update: On Holiday

I was supposed to write this before I left but I've been on the go a lot and felt really sick before I left, long story. I'm visiting friends and family in Dundee and staying for two weeks holiday it's really nice to see everyone and I'm even seeing friends I've not seen for over 5 years!! So it's really exciting. Also my friend is over from Canada and another friend over from Germany that I've not seen for a few years each so it's a good trip. Anyway I wont be updating my blog until another week and a half or so as using the computer at my mum and dad's house is fine but it doesn't have all my stuff on it. I know this blog is supposed to be daily but I will think I will have to change that to (almost daily) haha Have a lovely Easter everyone hope you get lots of chocolate eggs and instead of just being happy to get some chocolate really think about jesus resurrecting and rolling that stone off his grave lol or whatever. HaHa Nah don't worry I'm not getting all religious on you!!

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