Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Tofu Guru's Quirky Health Food Video's

I love this amazing vegan girl called Brittany Roberts she makes her own quirky videos with easy to follow recipes for cooked or sometimes raw food but the video's are filmed really nice and have eclectic independent music in each episode. I have chosen 4 video's. The first one is sushi because lets face it, how amazing is sushi? The next is handmade chocolates and sweets, great idea for a budget present. The third is a mushroom vegan burger, the fourth is a baked Tofu Idea. I have watched all her video's and I'm dying to make all her recipes! Why not visit her web site for more great recipes or check out her youtube channel to see other great quirky video's. Although I'm not vegan I'm a Pescetarian which means I eat seafood/fish and no other meat, I always welcome new recipes that steer me away from eating creatures though since I still feel guilty about it when I do.

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