Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Review

Well as you might know I was very excited about this film. I wish I could say I thought it was amazing, but I can't. I thought it was o.k but a lot of it was disappointing to me unfortunately. I don't want to ruin the film for anyone so wont go into great detail. I think maybe I had far too high expectations. I personally thought Alice in Wonderland should take you on a completely unique visual trip to a totally different world but the film actually reminded me too much of other films in some parts and some of the story just didn't have any suspense. I don't think it was surreal enough and the big bad creatures seemed like they were stolen from other films like the troll in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings they had nothing unique and different about them.

Danger points in the film just seemed to be washed over and too easily rectified (beheading of mad hatter wtf?) and there was not much suspense. Also throughout the film you were told what was going to happen at the end which would have been clever if it all changed and it didn't happen like that but it did so it never really surprised you and it was all expected. The Jaberwocky (Which you had already been shown) at the end wasn't different looking at all and was just a typical looking baddie dragon that could have been in any other film it had no memorable characteristics. I imagined for Alice in wonderland this creature would be very different like nothing ever seen in any other film and for it to be at the very end of the film you would expect that wouldn't you?.

Some parts of the film seemed perfect as well, I loved the beginning when Alice gets shrunk and grows and the room she first ends up in and it made me excited and thought I had a good treat ahead then nothing that good seemed to happen. I did like the Cheshire cat the way it evaporated. I think throughout the film objects should have appeared as different visions until you focus and they play with your eyes to make it very trippy. Most of the film was ordinary looking and too realistic and not like a strange dream. Tweedle dum and tweedle dee were good though I thought they were cute and funny and I thought the caterpillar was quite cool too. Alice was a great actress she did great. Johnny Depp as the mad hatter didn't thrill me to be honest it was just too like willy wonka especially when he thought back to his background story on why he was mad! same old! The red queen was good but the white queen was bland and boring.

I watched a lot of trailers for the film, so those bits were spoiled and I expected lots of other bits on top of that to be a feast for the eyes, I was hoping that the trailers were not the most cool looking parts of the film but they pretty much were! For instance the red queen's castle was booo-ring I just think it could have been so amazing and cool it had all the potential but just didn't cut it.

Anyway some of you maybe disagree with me feel free to voice your opinion below. I still love Beetle Juice and Edward Scissor Hands and many others, Tim Burton can not be forgotten for these masterpieces! I just hope he begins to make some good films again soon or people will loose faith in him as a director :(

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