Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day 2010: Day I found out I was Pregnant

My period was about a week late the reason why I knew is me and my friend Debbie's were normally due at the same time. Also things started to click together, the sore breasts, the way I had a craving for red wine for about 3 whole weeks and when I drank it I had to give it away because I wasn't enjoying it (very strange behaviour for me). The fact that I had made my usual spinach and chick pea curry and didn't enjoy the taste. All these little factors were jumping into my mind in the morning while I was half asleep and I was half dreaming half awake thinking I should take a test. Luckily I still had a pregnancy test from months before when I also thought I was pregnant (nope just particularly bloated,fat belly).

I was half asleep when I peed into the little tray and dipped the stick in (sorry maybe too much information)! It stated "max" level of pee, which I only noticed after it was too late so I thought to myself it must be a mistake when it came up with the two lines. I luckily had a doctor appointment the same day just by chance for my sore knee's- That reason for going got blown out the window and of course she took another test but she said the results wouldn't be in for at least the next few days and it would be best to buy another test myself to confirm and stated it was very unlikely that it was a wrong reading. I decided to go to the chemist as I had to get my inhalers, and luckily I thought I might have just enough in my bank account to buy a test, I did phew, so got home and re-took it- clear as day - two lines.

Meanwhile I had been emailing Frazer asking if he would be home that night and not be going out for a few pints for Paddy's day he was coming home but kept persisting that I should tell him what I was wanting to speak to him about. I gave him an angry email eventually saying some things were not intended for text or email and this was one of them. I was obviously in total shock the whole day but still very happy. I was worried about breaking the news to Frazer though I knew it was gonna be the last thing he was expecting.

Frazer got home and I broke the news, he was so shocked and looked so scared but I knew he would be fine once it sank in. I had to go work my first night at a Rock Bar too that night which I really could have done without. I suggested Frazer went for a pint with his friends to get his head round it as I had the whole day to mull the whole idea round my head and I thought he needed some time to do some serious thinking.

I'm quite a spiritual person and I think this happened for a reason and the timing was intended because we are supposed to be together. It feels like spirits close to us sent us down this new soul on purpose. I know it sounds far out there and like magical fairy tale thinking but I don't care that's what I believe.

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