Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Simon Reekie and His Wonderful Art

This is actually an artist from my home town of Dundee in Scotland. I love his paintings so much they are amazing what I like about them is they are surreal but you can tell he is an amazing technical artist at the same time and that if he wanted he could do very realistic art but chooses to do surreal instead and I love that. I on the other hand am rubbish at realistic art I don't like it or enjoy it but when he does it he still has an element or surreal which I really appreciate. I also think it's like graffiti and the teeth like shapes in the paintings just give it that edgy weirdness that I love. If you would like to see Simon Reekie's other art please don't hesitate to go visit his site here. I need to get one of his paintings one day!!

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