Monday, 29 March 2010

Dj Shadow remix Project C.D Cover Design By Frazer Gibson

This is my boyfriends design for the DJ Shadow Remix Project. DJ Shadow asked his fans on facebook to make a cover for a new remix C.D which other musicians have remixed his tracks. I was thinking about doing it myself but I thought it was more Frazer's style. Look at his design I love them to bits and definitely think it's the best one yet. you can see the others here. I love Frazers because it's got the hand drawn element and it's simple and has a bit of cute too. I can't decide on the colour though I like the pink and the very blue one. Any of them are cool. What do you guys think? Also you can see more of his stuff on his flickr.

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Secret Trumpet Player Prank

Me and Frazer have been killing ourselves laughing all day at this video so I had to share it even though I seem to be posting tons of video's lately, it's just so cheeky, obnoxious and funny. Great timing too and the reactions are great. Here's the description... "My brother hiding on his balcony, playing completely out of tune on his old trumpet while a band is marching past his house on Norways National Day, 17th of May"

The Wellgate Clock In Dundee is Magical

I recently made a facebook fan page "You know you live in Dundee when..." It has 1064 people joined in two days, mad! Anyway my sister posted a video of one of the things in Dundee I love and forgot about, It's this really cool clock which most people loved when they were wee it all moves watch the video to see and at 12 o'clock lots of people go with their kids to see it. Dundee hasn't got too many really beautiful things but here's one of them...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Harry Hill's TV Burp - Pineapple Dance Studio

I seen a few people commenting on how funny the programme Pineapple Dance Studio is so I went in search of a video to see what on earth they thought was so funny. It turns out the guy who runs the studio is the biggest campest funny character going and he is a real person!! It isn't acting. He's mental! You need to watch this clip it's so funny. I wish I could see the programme but I don't have sky but you don't need to have watched it to appreciate this guy anyway let me know if you find him really annoying or hilarious, it could go either way... p.s it's the guy at the end.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Simon Reekie and His Wonderful Art

This is actually an artist from my home town of Dundee in Scotland. I love his paintings so much they are amazing what I like about them is they are surreal but you can tell he is an amazing technical artist at the same time and that if he wanted he could do very realistic art but chooses to do surreal instead and I love that. I on the other hand am rubbish at realistic art I don't like it or enjoy it but when he does it he still has an element or surreal which I really appreciate. I also think it's like graffiti and the teeth like shapes in the paintings just give it that edgy weirdness that I love. If you would like to see Simon Reekie's other art please don't hesitate to go visit his site here. I need to get one of his paintings one day!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mimi Bobeck & Bubbles Eccentric Office Girls

These are two mad characters from T.V programmes. Bubbles is a character I loved dearly she always wears the funniest coolest bright outfits and she's just very dippy kooky and funny, she is from Absolutely Fabulous, Mimi Bobeck is a character from an American programme called The Drew Carey show, I discovered her after someone on Etsy had linked a video to show me her collection of trolls, because as you know I like trolls! Both of them are lively and loud completely different but I love them.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Young Me Now Me

Young Me Now Me is one of those websites that I just couldn't pull myself away from. It is childhood photo's recreated with the same people years later. Click here to go have a look. I looked at every single photo there was. I almost cried at some too it's really sad that we are all so innocent, small and cute then grow up and on some photo's there are people missing and I worried that those people died. I wonder if you will find some emotional too? I tried to find a better photo to show you but you can't copy and paste them from the site so this is the only one I could find so you get an idea. P.S I am planning on doing one myself at some point :)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Graffiti On Girls Shriiimp takes Tilts Fetish to a Whole New Level

I don't know if you remember but I blogged about Tilt's fetish of girls with graffiti painted on them he did a book called "Bubble Girls". I was happy to find Shriiimp which is a whole website dedicated to it. I think some of these would make amazing tattoo's. Here are some of my favourite images from the facebook fan page and you can also visit the site here to join and see more photo's.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day 2010: Day I found out I was Pregnant

My period was about a week late the reason why I knew is me and my friend Debbie's were normally due at the same time. Also things started to click together, the sore breasts, the way I had a craving for red wine for about 3 whole weeks and when I drank it I had to give it away because I wasn't enjoying it (very strange behaviour for me). The fact that I had made my usual spinach and chick pea curry and didn't enjoy the taste. All these little factors were jumping into my mind in the morning while I was half asleep and I was half dreaming half awake thinking I should take a test. Luckily I still had a pregnancy test from months before when I also thought I was pregnant (nope just particularly bloated,fat belly).

I was half asleep when I peed into the little tray and dipped the stick in (sorry maybe too much information)! It stated "max" level of pee, which I only noticed after it was too late so I thought to myself it must be a mistake when it came up with the two lines. I luckily had a doctor appointment the same day just by chance for my sore knee's- That reason for going got blown out the window and of course she took another test but she said the results wouldn't be in for at least the next few days and it would be best to buy another test myself to confirm and stated it was very unlikely that it was a wrong reading. I decided to go to the chemist as I had to get my inhalers, and luckily I thought I might have just enough in my bank account to buy a test, I did phew, so got home and re-took it- clear as day - two lines.

Meanwhile I had been emailing Frazer asking if he would be home that night and not be going out for a few pints for Paddy's day he was coming home but kept persisting that I should tell him what I was wanting to speak to him about. I gave him an angry email eventually saying some things were not intended for text or email and this was one of them. I was obviously in total shock the whole day but still very happy. I was worried about breaking the news to Frazer though I knew it was gonna be the last thing he was expecting.

Frazer got home and I broke the news, he was so shocked and looked so scared but I knew he would be fine once it sank in. I had to go work my first night at a Rock Bar too that night which I really could have done without. I suggested Frazer went for a pint with his friends to get his head round it as I had the whole day to mull the whole idea round my head and I thought he needed some time to do some serious thinking.

I'm quite a spiritual person and I think this happened for a reason and the timing was intended because we are supposed to be together. It feels like spirits close to us sent us down this new soul on purpose. I know it sounds far out there and like magical fairy tale thinking but I don't care that's what I believe.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

San Francisco Bay Blues Alain Breitenbach

This is my dad singing my favourite song! I love him singing this and request it a lot when I go see his gigs! Makes me very proud. I hope you enjoy it... That's my dad :)

Disqus Situation

I wrote to the people at Disqus, I'm trying to get my blog back to the way it was but they haven't got back in touch I even sent them my template! urgh will have to chase them up I suppose!! But I'm working on it, especially seeing as the vote was 100% for blogger commenting xx

Monday, 15 March 2010

Strawberry Anarchy's Unique and Quirky Film and Movies List (Best List)

Here is a list of some films I really like I'm sure I have missed out a lot that I love though I think some have deleted. I will have to remember them again over time- also not in any particular order. This list will forever grow with the more films I watch and remember. If you have any films you think I would like then please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm always looking for new films. (These are not in any particular Order)
♥The Lego Movie
♥Human Traffic
♥The Borrowers
♥Kamikaze Girls
♥Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
♥Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
♥Kick Ass
Wayne's World
♥Mrs Doubtfire
♥Everything is Illuminated
♥Hansel & Gretel (2007)
♥Crossroads (Ralph Macchio film 1986)
♥City of Ember
♥Weird Science
♥Back to the Future - all
♥My Life Without Me
♥Blues Brothers
♥Ella Enchanted
♥Requiem for a Dream
♥Benny and Joon
♥The Butterfly Effect
♥Paper Hearts
♥Across The Universe
♥Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
♥Spirited Away
♥Edward Scissorhands
♥A Scanner Darkly
♥Little Women
♥Forest Gump
♥Monsters inc
♥The Commitements
♥Big Fish
♥Adventures in Babysitting
♥Ponyo by a cliff on the sea
♥Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
♥Lost in Translation
♥Tank Girl
♥Run Lola Run

♥Spinal Tap

♥Fifth Element
♥Mirror Mask
♥Spiderwick chronicles
♥Drop Dead Fred
♥Cry Baby
♥James and the Giant Peach
♥Time Bandits
♥Hocus Pocus
♥Practical Magic
♥Beetle Juice
♥Scary Movie
♥The Dark Crystal
♥Pans labrynthe
♥Goodbye Lenin
♥Nick and Norah's infinite play list
♥The Science of Sleep
♥The Craft
♥The Mask
♥Being John Malckovitch
♥The Ramen Girl
♥Kill Bill
♥Death Proof
♥Stand By Me
♥Garden State
♥Almost Famous
♥Pieces of April
♥Imaginarium of dr Parnassus
♥The Secret Garden
♥The Craft
♥Mary Poppins
♥The sound of Music
♥The Railway Children
♥Whip It
♥The Secret Life Of Bees
♥The Taste Of Tea
♥Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
♥Little Woman
♥Son of Rambo
♥Bridge To Terabithia
♥A River Runs Through It
♥The Goonies
♥Weird Science
♥Silent Hill
♥Who's Eating Gilbert Grape
♥Four Eyed Monsters
♥Short Circuit
♥Now and Then
♥My Girl
♥Girl Interrupted
♥The Breakfast Club
♥The Triplets of Belleville
♥Mary Poppins
♥Back to the Future
♥Riding in Cars with Boys
♥True Love
♥Lost Boys
♥Ghost Busters
♥The Mask
♥Black Snake Moan
♥Sponge Bob
♥Scary Movie
♥The Secret Garden
♥There's Something About Mary
♥Bugsy Malone
♥How to Make an American Quilt
♥Grey Gardens
♥The Brady Bunch
♥The Adams Family
♥Who Framed Roger Rabbit
♥Castle in the Sky
♥Monty Python's Life of Brian & Holy Grail
♥The Sound of Music
♥The Wizard of Oz
♥Little Miss Sunshine
♥Battle Royale
♥The Basketball Diaries
♥Zombie Land
♥Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
♥Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
♥500 Days of Summer
♥The Lovely Bones
♥Sin City
♥Exit through the Gift Shop
♥You me and everyone we know
♥ Happy Go Lucky
♥Troll Hunter
♥500 days of summer
♥The Neverending Story
♥ The art of Getting By
♥ Dredd 3d (2012)
♥ Donnie Darko
♥Water For Elephants
♥Wreck it Ralph
♥Easy A

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Swing Dancing Lindy Hop

Tonight I went to meet my friend Liz she treated me to a lovely Indian meal it was so nice and yummy. Then we went to a swing dance competition to see her friend compete he won 1st place for up and coming!! There are classes every Tuesday I have decided I really want to learn this dancing it looks so much fun and I love swing music, my dad's band is Havana Swing if you haven't heard them yet check them out, it's a sign, it must be in the blood. I found this cool video to show you how cool it is.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Should I change Back to Blogger Commenting Rather Than Disqus?

I installed the Disqus commenting ages ago and I've not really been that happy with it ever since but the problem is if I delete it (and it's supposed to be a pain in the ass) then it seems all the comments get deleted. I'm wondering If I should just go for it and go back to Blogger commenting? I have noticed a drop in commenting ever since I changed to this but I don't want to get rid of all your comments either. I'm asking what you would prefer as my readers. If you think blogger is easier to comment with. So I did a little poll so you don't have to sign in to comment just go ahead and make a choice. You can also write your own choice in too.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Popples and 6%DOKIDOKI Exhibition

I couldn't believe my eyes when I visited the Tokyo Fashion site and seen this Popples exhibition for a new range of clothes which are popples themed. I also discovered the great style and clothes of 6%dokidoki which is right up my street it looks like the amazing fashion in the fruits Japanese fashion books. If you don't have that book I suggest you get it you never fail to notice new things every time you look at it. I have both fruits books and love them to pieces. I had to show you all these photo's because they are just so cute.

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