Monday, 1 March 2010

Strawberry Anarchy on Blogging: Should you Start a Blog?

I avoided blogging like the plague for years and truly thought I would despise it and to be honest I thought it was a bit sad too. I just thought god why on earth would anyone be interested in what self obsessed strangers have to say on a pretty much anonymous webpage? The whole thing seemed time consuming to me and a complete waste of time and energy. However I started blogging and since I'm into my graphic design and like things to look pretty I got into making it neat, then I had to fill it up. I didn't know what people blogged about before but then I visited Inspiration Beyond Reason's blog which fascinated me (still does).I gathered she blogged about what she basically liked and gave her opinion on why she liked it, so simple and so that's when I thought, you know what I would like to have my say on a lot of things I am quite an opinionated little shit sometimes. Also I have a very addictive personality and am a collector, people who collect can sometimes become obsessive but also they like their collections to be set out nice , sometimes in colour coordination or in order of some sort. I think because I no longer collect anything (well very small amounts compared to normal) That's what appeals to me about blogging it's like collecting without the clutter. It's very therapeutic too and I like to try focus on happy things or stuff I enjoy that give me pleasure because then it actually rubs off and makes me happier and hopefully you too when you read it. I keep my other blog for more private outlet and it would depress anyone to tears so do not promote that one If you really want to go read some proper probably emo?!?! ramblings here's the link :). I have also kept a diary/journal since I was around 10, so this is another great way to express my self instead of writing on papaer.

The more I started blogging the more amazing blogs I kept finding and really interesting people that fascinated me would pop up here and there! Just look at my reading list to see them all. I would actually get interested in their lives. There are just so many interesting people out there in the world I was so ignorant to not be interested in what "strangers" had to say. Since blogging I have met loads of sound people online that have tons in common with me it's really good even though I haven't met them in real life you know it through the way they write and what they blog about. I reckon you can normally gather if a person is being genuine or not through their writing and if you like the same stuff and have similar humour.

Maybe blogging is a way to control my life somehow because( yeah cliché) I don't have much control in real life? I dunno it's an interesting thought and probably most definitely true. Either way if you are not sure about blogging maybe you will be converted like me. Now blogging has become even more important to me than anything else I love it. I felt I had to write this post because I asked myself why I was so transformed and what changed my mind so much?. Just makes me think I really have to try other things before I judge I could be missing out on some really life changing things, so could you! Here is a funny poster if you got bored of my long rant you might find it kinda funny...

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