Saturday, 13 February 2010

Amazing Wigs by Crude Things on Etsy

I need one of these wigs, Crude Things on Etsy is an amazing shop all the photography is exquisite and the style and high fashion element is nice. This is what I wish my shop could be like one day. I need to get myself some good models and aim to be as good as this. I have just chosen my favourite wigs from the shop but they sells clothes and lots of other night things too. I found a beautiful pink and blue lacy skirt that I love it's sold out though. Anyway I hope you like the shop as much as I do. I just wish I was rich so I could actually afford all this. Also Check out Crude Things website for photographs of all the previous sold Items!

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  1. i agree. her wigs are amazing. have you bought any yet? im considering it but theyre so expensive. if you could let me know i'd really appreciate it. thanks(:


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