Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My New Vintage Mickey Mouse Phone From My Lovely Sister

I was so happy today I woke up to a parcel and opened it! I was so pleased to find a mickey mouse statue! Anyway I posted a status on my facebook saying how I got a statue and my sister phoned me (on my terrible cutting out boring old black phone that is now in the bin) and she tells me that it is a phone I couldn't work it out! It came in a big box with tons of shredded paper in it, I had a look and found the actual phone part! I was so excited I liked the statue anyway but for it to actually have a use and be so needed means it was amazing. We have been needing a new phone for about 3 months now and I really wanted a funky different one and so this was the best present ever I love my sister she always finds me the coolest presents. It looks really nice in our flat and Frazer just got a vintage record player from his friend today too they look great together. I found some photo's of it to show you...

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