Sunday, 10 January 2010

Eye Tattoo's are Gross! Look

It's the new craze in prison apparently. I think it looks freaky as hell but if I was going to be in prison for the rest of my life I might end up doing some weird things too out of complete boredom. What I wonder is where do they get the needles and why are they allowed to have them? Anyway here is a video.. one guys eyes are completely red and one is blue. you can see photo's here of the progress but beware they are not the prettiest of images. I like some piercings and tattoo's but the guy in this video said he wanted it done because he would be only the 6th person in the world to have it. I think that's a bit silly I mean it's not as if he's going to go down in history and be remembered for being the 6th person in the world having fucked up eyes is it? I found this story at Neatorama. What do you think it looks like do you think it's attractive?

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