Monday, 4 January 2010

Avatar Review - Amazingly Beautiful and Imaginative

If you haven't seen it then I think you should book tickets right now and for the 3d version! It is definitely a cinema film. I don't think there is a better way to describe it than Indy Grrrl's blog post she took the words right out of my mouth and I agree with everything she has written. The art and visuals were outstanding and breath taking they blew my mind. I love magical worlds and Avatar definitely introduces you to a whole new world. Although the plot was predictable that didn't matter to me at all as I love visual trips, some reviews slander that and say it is nothing new. I think they are mental if they think the imagination and the world is not a masterpiece. Each to their own (but still think they are mental HAHA). If you're like me and love fairies and mystical creatures then I think you will love this film too. It isn't about fairies though this is a whole new race of mystical creatures never seen before and a whole new world.

Anyway I could bam off about this film all day but read Indy Grrrls review as she talks more about the actual plot and message, also she has an amazing blog that I think you will like too, it's one of my favourite's! I tried to find more screen captures of the alien world to really show you what I was talking about but couldn't find many, these are the best ones I found but they do not do it justice! So go see it :D Avatar is in my top 10 great films of all time.

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