Thursday, 3 December 2009

Strawberry Anarchy Was Wondering...

Since I don't know enough about my readers I wanted to ask you some quick questions. It will be fun and we can learn a bit more about each other. Here are some questions...
  1. What makes you bored?
  2. What favourite food puts you in a great mood?
  3. Something or someone you miss the most from childhood?
  4. What music are you listening to right now/ recently?
  5. If money were not an object, what would you do with your life?

I look forward to your answers! here are mines...

1, I get bored quite easily but what makes me most bored is listening to people talking about football. I can't stand it.

2, My favourite food for good moods is sushi! I think it's really good fun to eat and I always have it for special occasions like my last birthday. I also like Salmon Teriyaki and I'm so excited to be having it tomorrow again. I just learned how to make it.

3, I miss a lot from childhood I loved playing with all my toys and dolls I miss climbing tree's and searching for secret passages. I also miss going to France to visit my French granny and granddad they had the coolest garden and grew the nicest fruit I could eat as much as I wanted and my granny made lovely knitted dolls clothes and would let me play with all her dolls.

4, I have recently discovered the band CocoRosie, They have soft voices and have gentle sounding music.

5, If money were not an object I would open up a little shop with a studio inside and make stuff all day. I would also travel round the world. First stop Japan.

Now please tell me a bit about yourself by answering one or all of these..

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