Sunday, 8 November 2009

Monkey & Goat on Tight Rope

This is actually crazy and amazing but I do feel sorry for the poor goat and monkey I hope they didn't get hurt when they had to train to do this! They actually manage to walk across and even balance on that tiny stand It is amazing. It is actually unbelievable and I thought it might even be fake but it's not check it out.


  1. thank you for following chinamommy!! i LOVE your blog & will be sure to check out your etsy store!!
    ~misschell (the chinamommy)

  2. hi it's a pleasure your blog is really cool! Thanks for checking out mines too I'm glad you like it, I have abandoned my etsy shop for a while now. Must get back into it again soon. nice to meet you and see you around :D x


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