Sunday, 15 November 2009

Little Big Skirt Finished By Strawberry Anarchy

My friend came to visit the other day from Dundee and she fell in love with the skirt I customised so I gave it to her and I also got her to model it as I like to keep a record of the things I make (when I remember). Here are some photos! I'm going to be doing more Little/big themed customised clothes so watch this space and let me know what you would find cute, someone gave me the idea to have a shirt and instead of the pocket have a tiny little shirt! Thought that was a great idea and it's nice to have feedback to so looking forward to what you have to say:D


  1. Very cute ! I love how you changed the orientation of the stripes.

  2. That skirt is really great! I am jealous of your friend!

  3. Very cute skirt!
    nice blog


  4. That skirt is just darling, and SO are those boots!!!


  5. Aww Thanks so much everyone, I am looking forward to making more stuff now after all this encouragement! Thanks you . x


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