Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Lemonade Stand Review: Making Money Online

UPDATE: I have removed this from my blog as it was making my pages load far too slow! I t still remains on Strawberry Anarchy Myspace and my facebook also it had around 1300 views without 1 sale.

Hi everyone as you can see on the left hand side of my blog is my very own lemonade stand! This is a site where you can set one up providing you have a pay pal account! you earn a commission on sales when someone buys one of your products! I like this because it's fun to set one up you can customise it and I chose lots of cute stuff to promote like hello kitty and other cute products I would want to buy myself. It is easy to set up and you can put the widget on myspace, facebook, blogger or any other website, all you do is copy and paste the code. I have had 157 views so far but haven't sold anything but I think that view count is quite high since I only set it up last night! What I would love though is to be able to be a seller with this company and hire people to promote my jewellery on their site's earning a good commission! I should write to them to suggest this. If you have a myspace or other social networking site why not set one up? It is a potentially easy way to make money online without doing much. Anyway here is my little stand please have a rummage through...


  1. That's kinda cool- just an FYI- I clicked thru on the "smencils" just to see how much they cost, and the link was broken. Which might explain why you're not getting any sales, I dunno :)

  2. thanks for letting me know Becca!! It would help if the very first item I'm promoting worked wouldn't it haha!

    Thanks so much xx

  3. do you have to pay anything?? i think its an awesome thing, but seems odd ot me

  4. No you don't have to pay a thing they are happy to let you use it for free as it is free promotion for all of the stuff they are selling, because you are showing it to all the people who follow you on your blog/myspace/facebook it is helping them sell! so it's worth giving it a go !! :D

  5. Do you like talking?

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