Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Short-eared Elephant-Shrews: So Cute Look

I finally found out what this adorable creature was that my friends cat brought in! I assumed it was a mouse but then noticed this little snout! how cute, even though it was dead it looked so angelic and very tiny, even smaller than a grown mouse and so detailed! The more I have read about the animal it turns out that their natural habitat is in Africa which really puzzles me!! Why would I find one in Scotland? Very strange unless there is an equivalent animal over here that looks exactly like this one. Also it was at my friends cottage in the country and there was a forest near by so it could have came from there! If any of you have any information about these then let me know. I think they are the cutest don't you?

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  1. Shrews live all over the world, in fact there are 376 known species of shrews around the world. I live in the northern US, and my cats bring me shrews all the time. FYI Elephant Shrews are not true shrews and not the type you seen. However I'm sure there are several types of shrews in Scotland that it could have been.


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