Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mini Cute Scene: You Gotta Hang Out The Washing..

I thought this was adorable and magical , imagine coming across this tiny washing line if you were a child it would be something you would remember for a long time. Very cute, unfortunately I don't know the artist who created this but it was so cute I wanted to share it anyway.
UPDATE: I have been told that this work is from Slinkachu the artist you can view more of his amazing little hand painted people scenes over at his blog here. Also the photographer Vincent Bousserez does similar photography to see his fantastic work check out his flickr page.


  1. I'm loving this! Do you know where it is?

  2. Slinkachu is the artist, he is from London.

  3. cheers for the info I included it in the post now! thanks :D

  4. oh Molly it is in Italy I put a link to the guys blog where it has all the information


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