Monday, 21 September 2009

Weird Creature Found in Cerro Azul, Panama

Hey readers, you may have heard of this before but I thought I would blog about it as I wanted to have a discussion about it! this strange creature has been found and nobody can really explain what it is! Apparently some kids were playing beside the water and this thing came crawling out of the water/cave they thought it was going to attack them so they threw stones at it and killed it, they threw it into the water then it was washed up a few days later! in the video you can see the carcass of this animal too! and you will see this was most definitely found and not a hoax! I have included a photo of a sloth as many think this is just a bald sloth. Either way a bald sloth has never been spotted before now so this is still pretty strange also the fact it came out of the water does not make sense either. What do you say to it? If that thing came towards me I must admit I would run for miles.


  1. Apparently the fur falls of if animals are left to rot in the water for long enough. I know it's boring, but it's probably just a sloth :(

  2. What a shame they killed it :-( Poor wee thing! It looks like a sloth with all it's fur come off to me...and I don't think the sloth looks that scary - alive with it's fur that is...x

  3. yeah it seems that it is a sloth with all the fur off! poor wee thing it must have got bloated due to being in the water for too long , the kids might have made up the story about killing it I'm not sure!


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