Saturday, 19 September 2009

Video & Photo's of Clarks Magic Steps Shoes: With the Magic Key Shoes do You Remember Them?

The girl (princess) in the advert had white ones I really wanted white ones but I was only allowed the black ones because the white ones would get ruined too quick! I finally got them after weeks of nagging. Before these adverts I hated going to Clarks for shoes but this advert changed that all!
There was a little key in the sole of these shoes in a clear bubble and you got a free key badge with them! I have read that some people got stickers too I can't remember them I do remember the see-through bit on the bottom of the sole would get dirty so you would spit on it and rub it in the playground to make it clean! I'm 28 now so we are going back a long time but some of you may remember these too? I found some photo's of the shoes but unfortunately not of the sole of the shoe which I really want to see If anyone can find a photo that would be great. It's no wonder I got sucked right into this whole marketing campaign because the advert is still amazing! Princess, goblins, witch's and fairies! what more could you ask? and funky shoes too.

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  1. Ooooh I had the ones where you got the key with them and you turned it in the sole of the shoe, I think they were a little later on from these ones as you're a little older than me :p .... I can't remember any more than that though, I don't know what the key turning achieved...

  2. I read a little bit about those ones apparently when you turned the key you seen a gem or something! they sound cool as well. I wonder what the ones you are talking about look like?

  3. I remember getting these for one of my daughters, they were beautiful and she loved them, they were a deep fuchsia pink :)

  4. i haven't heard about these until now, but i know my 6-year-old self would've LOVED them.

    ...and heck, my current 21-year-old self wants them too.


  5. yeah they were a total hit with girls my age, if they brought out adult ones i am sure they would make a lot of money.

  6. Hi did you ever get a picture of the sole? Would love to see it brings back memories! !! Sam


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