Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sexy Hula Hoola Hoop Girls

I was at a mental party a while back and this girl was hoola/Hula? hooping, she looked so cool and I decided I must learn how to do it as well as her, I need to find a place that sells hoola hoops, I have been doing it on the wii fit but it's not quite the same. I had never thought much of hoola hooping to be honest but as you can see in these video's it looks great and it is fun too plus a cheap and easy way to keep fit. If I get good enough maybe I can start my own get fit hoola hoop class in Edinburgh. Check out the double hoola hooping in the second video, I never knew there was such a thing. In the third is layed back hoola hooping. Oh and the girl in the first video is actually a guy...

I was only joking about the guy thing that is a girl.


  1. I purchased my hoops from a seller on Etsy. They were "naked", or not taped, so I got to tape them myself. :)

  2. they must be a pain to send in the post though, what did you decorate yours like?

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