Friday, 4 September 2009

Photo's of Joe Cool Edinburgh (The Shop I work In)

I finally got some photo's of my work! I thought it would be nice to show it on here as it is full of funky jewellery and cute things I love. The shop has all different jewellery which appeals to all sorts of people. It also has lots of colourful bright things (which attract me) I got some photo's of the colourful stuff because that's what I personally love... you can click on the photo's to make them bigger! I found another few photo's of the outside of the shop it has some gorgeous mosaic lettering and there is a photo of me behind the counter concentrating haha just so you can get a feel of me in my natural habitat.


  1. wow, you guys have some awesome n cool stuff! :D

  2. yeah it is hard working there because I just want to buy everything.

  3. Oh how I wish there was a shop like that near me!!! Its adorable!

  4. Ooooo looks like a cool shop to pick through!


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