Sunday, 20 September 2009

A look Inside I love Candy: Edinburgh

This is such an amazing shop. I love the colours and d├ęcor and whole feel. It is a little boutique filled with all the sweets and cakes you could imagine. I wondered how big a pile of sugar you could make with all the candy in the shop.. I also like the old fashioned furniture and the lampshades and overall design. I decided to take lots of photo's so that people interested in nice shops in Edinburgh could have a look or people that just love sweets can drool. You can click on the images to make them bigger and have a closer look at our Scottish sweets. I read a bit about this store , one was opened in Glasgow and it was so successful they managed to open another in Edinburgh and they are franchising now so If your living in Dundee or Aberdeen why not open one? I would :D I can imagine this name will be big one day. You can buy all these amazing sweets online too just click here to go visit candy land heaven.


  1. Oh my good lord. Totally wish I was in Scotland.

  2. Oh my good lord. Totally wish I was in Scotland.

  3. man my teeth ache just looking at all of that. To neat of a little shop. Thanks for sharing.

  4. holy moley, hun! that stuff looks AWESOME! :D


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