Saturday, 12 September 2009

Elizabeth McGrath : Surreal Sculpture

Los Angeles-born artist Elizabeth McGrath makes some amazing sculptures I love the way she has things inside glass like little scenes, I guess you guys can tell I love things behind glass and these sculptures really appeal to me because there is so much going on it them. You can see a photo of her below too, I like her style. If you want to check out more of her strange art then you can go to her site by clicking here.


  1. Some of her sculptures remind me of Jessica Joslin's sculptures.. only Joslin's figures are like the x-ray versions of them he he.

  2. wow those are very interesting. It's different. I like the glass too.

  3. i used to belong to an online mom community, and one of the mom's that runs it - is Elizabeth McGrath's best friend. So I/we got to see a lot of her work before it was ever released, and got to hear/read lots of storied about her.
    I don't belong to the community anymore though ..


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