Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bunny cafe and Mega Cuteness!

These are two very cute video's that I had to blog about I snatched them from cute overload which is one of my favourite sites I like to look at when I need cheering up! The first one is an advert and it is adorably cute it has all cute baby animals dressed in really sweet outfits! You might have a cuteness attack at this one BEWARE
The second is about a new pet cafe , Japan has opened places where people can go to eat animal inspired foods (hopefully not made of animals) and cuddle cute animals because in Japan lots of people are not allowed to have pets.


  1. OOh the first video is the cutest ever! Aww ha ha, animals twitching in their sleep is so cute. I'm not sure what to think of the cuddle a pet café. I would have liked to go to one, and I bet it's really nice to be there, but I hope it's not too much stress for the animals. They could have had dogs instead of rabbits, maybe, as dogs are more social and bond more easily to strangers.

  2. Ohh I got a book all about theme restaurants in Tokyo and they had a cat cafe and monkey one too x

  3. I know they are so cute when they twitch, rabbits are quite like little dogs I have had a few that are just so sociable, my first rabbit pippen was like a little dog! so cute and friendly he used to lick your feet and hands so sweet.

    Cat that book sounds really interesting I would like to look at it! I will have to check out all your new books when I come down to visit!


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