Sunday, 27 September 2009

Baby Sloths are so Kawaii

Hi everyone you may remember my post before about the Strange Panama creature that was found which later was identified as a bald sloth which looks pretty weird and alien like, well anyway that got me looking at baby sloth's for the first time and my goodness I never realised how cute baby sloth's actually were ! you should check these video's out they are so cute I think these are a new favourite along with tarsiers:D

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  1. How cute is that?? The second video is so funny; the sloth is first scratching its bum to afterwards proceed to groom its hair (I think he was looking for a Mohican hair style!!). I feel sorry for the Panama sloth…I can’t believe it was stoned to death, it is really sad. Even if they were kids, how could have they assumed that a sloth –that moves sooooo slowly- could kill them???????

  2. Aw I know the panama sloth story is terrible! heart wrenching :(


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