Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Artificial Urticaria - Notepad Skin

This is A bizarre condition in which you can write things on your own skin and it protrudes. I read about a woman who actually likes having this as she can write her shopping lists and poems on her arms. I read into this more and it turns out that it is like an allergic reaction. I get this same effect if I get scratched by a cat or a dog where the scratched area goes into a sore raised area! This happening with the persons own finger nails is quite different though I hope it isn't sore. I like the look of the writing on skin I think it looks quite nice! Do you think it looks nice or am I just a weirdo?


  1. wow!!
    I like it :D


  2. waouh !
    can looks very poetic, make me think of a movie.. oops, I totally forgot the title, just remember the school work I did on it ><
    anyway ! because of this memory maybe but I think it's beautful with a manual script written only.
    so it's not working on everyone.. me and my bad memory would be so pleased to be able to write notes like that ! ^x^

  3. As an artist, I find this to be a pretty cool affliction. It's like temporary scarification.

  4. thats pretty cool!

    wonder if it is annoying?

  5. good glad I am not the only one :D

  6. I think i have this same allergic reaction, but i can't figure out what I'm allergic to?!:(

    1. it could be cats or dogs? i don't know but you can go to the docs and get allergy tests! I only get this if a cat scratches me or something and would only get the cool patterns if i found a genius cat that could draw pattern in my skin with it's claws. Hope you find out what it is x


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