Sunday, 13 September 2009

Anyone Want a Funeral Clown?

Haha I love this idea, only the Irish could have this amazing idea. This would be so much better than having a depressing funeral although I wouldn't want to freak anyone out who has a clown phobia because lets face it clowns and death to them would be an ultamite freak out session so I might settle for a funeral comedian. My whole family could be one of those! I like the name of the site too "Dead Happy Ireland" quality :D Here is the site, click here so you can see that this is real.


  1. It's weird that so many people have clown phobia, don't you think? I know a girl who would seriously freak out if she went to a funeral with clowns.

  2. that's a little weird for me. I am too emotional. I would get the comedy in it...when I'm sad I'm sad and if you try to make me laugh you're probably just going to tick me off. lol On the other hand I have no clown phobia. I don't that I have a phobia.

  3. I meant would *not get the comedy in it. hmm I also meant I don't *think that I have a phobia. Wow. Typo heaven.

  4. Yeah I find it totally weird that so many people are scared of clowns, also a few other phobias i find weird are buttons and balloons, the buttons especially. I wish these phobias could be explained.

    Sandi, I think a lot of people might think that way I just have a weird sense of humour and think it would be good, also I's a quarter Irish haha


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