Monday, 28 September 2009

Strawberry Anarchy Yo Dawg Meme

This is a Yo dawg meme I made to understand what it is read this quote below... and if you want to see more click here, they are quite amusing :D

"Xzibit is the host of the MTV show Pimp My Ride and is well known for putting awesome things like fish-tanks, clothes dryers, and even fireplaces in the back of your car.

Standard: {yo,sup} dawg, I herd you like X, so I put an X in your Y so you can VERB while you VERB
Repetitive: {yo,sup} dawg, I herd you like X, so I put an X in your X so you can X while you X
Abstract: {yo,sup} dawg, I herd you like X, so I put an Y in your Z so you can VERB while you VERB

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Baby Sloths are so Kawaii

Hi everyone you may remember my post before about the Strange Panama creature that was found which later was identified as a bald sloth which looks pretty weird and alien like, well anyway that got me looking at baby sloth's for the first time and my goodness I never realised how cute baby sloth's actually were ! you should check these video's out they are so cute I think these are a new favourite along with tarsiers:D

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Alien Huntress Outfit By Yayacosplay

Yayacosplay has some cool photo's but I particularly like this space type outfit. I like the way it looks futuristic this is the type of outfits I imagined people wearing in the future before year 2000 when the future was a big deal. I wish I had tons of these kind of clothes. If you want to see more of her photography then click here to visit her profile on deviant art.

i love this outfit

Friday, 25 September 2009

How to Wake Up Your Girlfriend

This is so funny and evil but of course that is why I like it! you will have to watch it my friend Nick showed it to me. I think I would react the same that thing looks scary.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bunny cafe and Mega Cuteness!

These are two very cute video's that I had to blog about I snatched them from cute overload which is one of my favourite sites I like to look at when I need cheering up! The first one is an advert and it is adorably cute it has all cute baby animals dressed in really sweet outfits! You might have a cuteness attack at this one BEWARE
The second is about a new pet cafe , Japan has opened places where people can go to eat animal inspired foods (hopefully not made of animals) and cuddle cute animals because in Japan lots of people are not allowed to have pets.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

80's Breakdancing - Vin Diesel

I love my break dancing, especially the 80's stuff the outfits and the music are cool. Here's a trip down memory lane I like the first video the best! It's amazing how much it has evolved although I still think the 80's stuff is the best since that's what first made me love it. The first video is of Vin Diesel.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Artificial Urticaria - Notepad Skin

This is A bizarre condition in which you can write things on your own skin and it protrudes. I read about a woman who actually likes having this as she can write her shopping lists and poems on her arms. I read into this more and it turns out that it is like an allergic reaction. I get this same effect if I get scratched by a cat or a dog where the scratched area goes into a sore raised area! This happening with the persons own finger nails is quite different though I hope it isn't sore. I like the look of the writing on skin I think it looks quite nice! Do you think it looks nice or am I just a weirdo?

Monday, 21 September 2009

Weird Creature Found in Cerro Azul, Panama

Hey readers, you may have heard of this before but I thought I would blog about it as I wanted to have a discussion about it! this strange creature has been found and nobody can really explain what it is! Apparently some kids were playing beside the water and this thing came crawling out of the water/cave they thought it was going to attack them so they threw stones at it and killed it, they threw it into the water then it was washed up a few days later! in the video you can see the carcass of this animal too! and you will see this was most definitely found and not a hoax! I have included a photo of a sloth as many think this is just a bald sloth. Either way a bald sloth has never been spotted before now so this is still pretty strange also the fact it came out of the water does not make sense either. What do you say to it? If that thing came towards me I must admit I would run for miles.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Strawberry Anarchy Web Comic #1: Pinkle and Bleug

This is my first little web comic. I hope you like it :D Warning! they are going to be very silly and daft and sometimes just plain bizarre and some might be rubbish but I can guarantee you most will be quite psychedelic with a kawaii twist hopefully. I think this will be another good project for me to get stuck into so please let me know what you think.

A look Inside I love Candy: Edinburgh

This is such an amazing shop. I love the colours and d├ęcor and whole feel. It is a little boutique filled with all the sweets and cakes you could imagine. I wondered how big a pile of sugar you could make with all the candy in the shop.. I also like the old fashioned furniture and the lampshades and overall design. I decided to take lots of photo's so that people interested in nice shops in Edinburgh could have a look or people that just love sweets can drool. You can click on the images to make them bigger and have a closer look at our Scottish sweets. I read a bit about this store , one was opened in Glasgow and it was so successful they managed to open another in Edinburgh and they are franchising now so If your living in Dundee or Aberdeen why not open one? I would :D I can imagine this name will be big one day. You can buy all these amazing sweets online too just click here to go visit candy land heaven.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Video & Photo's of Clarks Magic Steps Shoes: With the Magic Key Shoes do You Remember Them?

The girl (princess) in the advert had white ones I really wanted white ones but I was only allowed the black ones because the white ones would get ruined too quick! I finally got them after weeks of nagging. Before these adverts I hated going to Clarks for shoes but this advert changed that all!
There was a little key in the sole of these shoes in a clear bubble and you got a free key badge with them! I have read that some people got stickers too I can't remember them I do remember the see-through bit on the bottom of the sole would get dirty so you would spit on it and rub it in the playground to make it clean! I'm 28 now so we are going back a long time but some of you may remember these too? I found some photo's of the shoes but unfortunately not of the sole of the shoe which I really want to see If anyone can find a photo that would be great. It's no wonder I got sucked right into this whole marketing campaign because the advert is still amazing! Princess, goblins, witch's and fairies! what more could you ask? and funky shoes too.

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Period & Vintage Dreams By Dylan Drummond a Look Inside

Dylan Drummond has many talents , photography being one of them he studied drama when he was younger and makes documentaries and films too! I know him from back in Dundee my home town when we met after he asked me to be in one of his films. I didn't know about his great photography until recently when he posted an update on facebook, I was very impressed. I think you will love his work too and if you want to buy his book and read his bio then click here.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kirsten Dunst as a Kawaii Japanese Fruits Character

She was spotted in Japan wearing this cute little outfit , apparently she was filming a music video I have tried to find out what one but to no avail so I guess we will just have to wait and see what one she pops up in. I don't know about you but I much prefer her in this colourful attire rather than her regular plain outfits, what do you think?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Shaped Fruit and Veg: Budda Shaped Pears ?

Yep when I was younger I thought in 2009 we would be in flying cars wizzing around the sky and other futuristic stuff. Only lately though humans have been manipulating growth of fruit and veg to make it into different shapes which I think is pretty futuristic. To get these fruits shaped like this they put them in containers when they are small and as the fruit grows it takes the shape of the container. You can buy square watermelon in Japan but apparently it costs and arm and a leg. I love the star and heart shaped cucumber and the square grapefruit looks nice too. It's funny that these look like they have been photoshopped but they haven't. I wonder what came first the photoshopping of these shaped fruits or the shaped fruit?

Sexy Hula Hoola Hoop Girls

I was at a mental party a while back and this girl was hoola/Hula? hooping, she looked so cool and I decided I must learn how to do it as well as her, I need to find a place that sells hoola hoops, I have been doing it on the wii fit but it's not quite the same. I had never thought much of hoola hooping to be honest but as you can see in these video's it looks great and it is fun too plus a cheap and easy way to keep fit. If I get good enough maybe I can start my own get fit hoola hoop class in Edinburgh. Check out the double hoola hooping in the second video, I never knew there was such a thing. In the third is layed back hoola hooping. Oh and the girl in the first video is actually a guy...

I was only joking about the guy thing that is a girl.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Miniature Portable Pillow Ring Perfect for Desk Napping

I thought this was a really cute and fun idea I would love to have one although I'm never at a desk unless I'm on the internet, but wouldn't these be perfect for napping during school hours? not that I condone sleeping through maths where you learn such important things like Pi which really set you up for life :P click here to go see the site where I found these little rings.

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