Thursday, 20 August 2009

Zubbles Have Arrived: Coloured Bubbles

"Now, after ten years of experiments and discoveries, we have done what scientists claimed was impossible... we've combined the simple joy of bubbles with the beauty and magic of colour, inventing the world's first real coloured bubbles."

How exciting, I am looking forward to rainbow bubble parties! I think clear bubbles are still really cool although the novelty of coloured ones is nice. I love it when the impossible is invented as long as it is innocent enough and not cloning for example. They are only selling to the U.S and Canada at the moment. Here is the very colourful zubble site so you can read more about them.


  1. Wow! But normal bubbles has more colours though, they are rainbowy. ;) But yeah, I can't wait to get my hands on some colour-bubbles. I remember seeing uv reactive bubbles at a party once, it was proper cool.

  2. The colours scare me a little, maybe because they haven't invented the pastel type yet ;)

    ... But hey, no harm in adding more colours to life in unexpected and mainly harmless forms! ^^

  3. omg i LUUURVE these! me and my friend Anna just ordered some (costs sooo much to ship them to the Isle of Man but who cares, these are awesome!) for a zubbles party, :-D x


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