Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wacky Woolies Review

Wacky woollies is a cool brand from Ireland. My sister and my nephew Arran are visiting from Dublin and they brought me a little present the tin below! I love it and the chocolate was scrummy. The tin has all different sheep on it with different personality types and it even has a rainbow looking tie dye one called " trippy sheep" which appealed to my sense of humour. The tin is so cute and I'm going to use it to save up some money. To see more Wacky Woolis stuff go here. I love the fact the products have "Ireland" written on them.


  1. Hi Miquette,

    do you remember me? I am the girl from your shop :), so now I have a new hobby in digiscraping :) do you know it??? - this is my site :)

    have a nice day :)

  2. hello yes i do! how are you doing? Thanks for coming back ! I am off to work now but will check out your site when I am back.



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