Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sugar Glider's: So Cute !!!

I hadn't heard about these adorable little creatures until my sister told me about them I have read a little about them and they need a lot of attention if you have them as pets. They bond very well to humans if you spend a minimum of 1-2 hours with them a day and it is recommended that you carry them around in your pocket because they are used to the pouch WAHHHH how cute is that! I would love one of these baby munchkins so much.


  1. It is freaking UNREAL how cute those things are. A girl I used to work with had one, and she brought it to the job while I was there one day. I got to hold it, and it was so soft and tiny. But shortly after I gave it back to her, it pooped on her. It looked like bird crap. Wow what a weird story lol.

    1. yes weird but thank you for sharing


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