Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Previously Alive Fairies and the Atacama Humanoid

I came across this new seller on etsy and I love it! the shop is called "fairy funeral" what a great name and she has made some dead fairies in cool little coffins to visit her etsy shop click here. I love this quirky different idea and I think her work is amazing it's so different and unique. I love fairies even dead ones haha. Also please see "The Dead Fairy Hoax" this was the remains of what looked like a mummified fairy which if not posted on April the 1st might have been believed. Could it have inspired the new Atacama Alien hoax? ( not that is has been proven to be a hoax yet it could be made from human bones and skin. Alternatively it could be a dwarf of a homo floresiensis, found a few years back which was humans only a few feet tall...
Dead Fairy Hoax

Cool Dead Fairy Art

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  1. I'm officially fascinated by this. I'm going to check out her shop, because this is a freaking awesome idea. I kinda want a dead fairy of my own!

  2. Thats a cool idea! These little statues are great!

  3. I want to say, I'm not really a fan of fairies under most circumstances, but these are really creepy and amazing! Love it.

  4. yeah somehow dead fairies or squashed ones are even cooler than real ones hehe

  5. Hi, I just found your blog today. I love your posts.


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