Monday, 24 August 2009

The Perry Bible Fellowship

These are some of my favourite comic strips by the artist Nicholas Gurewitch,you might need to click on them to see them in large. I am too dense to get most of them straight away they make me have to think but I love his surreal style and quirky imagination I especially love the ones below because they are really cute , colourful but surreal and dark at the same time. If you want to read more then click here to go to the actual website.


  1. they are brilliant aren't they hehe! I got introduced to them from my boyfriend.

  2. These are hilarious, and really well-drawn too! I think the last one was the funniest. It looks like a bunch of happy little gnomes are just blowing bubbles and then, boom, torture.

  3. These are pretty funny. I had never seen them before...but I think I want to see them again.

  4. yep they are very off the wall :)


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