Friday, 7 August 2009

Momiji Couture Contest: Put Your Fashion & Textile Flair To The Test

Momiji are running a competition I thought some of you might be interested in, if your any good at textiles, sewing or knitting etc and love fashion and momiji dolls this competition might be perfect for you. "Momiji are message dolls, each doll has a space in its base for a secret message. Our Couture Contest is a playful new direction; we’re looking for one-off, fabric dolls. You can create your doll using a combination of any textile methods you like; weaving, printing, knitting, embroidery....the list goes on." to read all about it just go to the competition page just click here.
Below is some photo's of where your work will be displayed if you win and the closing date is 30th october..


  1. Your link didn't work for me, so anyone looking for it, the link is

  2. hi thanks for letting me know i changed it :D


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