Friday, 21 August 2009

Editing and Customising My Desktop

I made my desktop look all funky, You will have to click on it to see it in large! quite geeky but it makes me happy to have it looking nice and I much prefer the cute icons to the boring ones you get on the computer already. Quite a short post today as I am shattered I'm working a lot more hours because the Edinburgh festival is on. Looking forward to the extra money this month though. I think my new desktop looks great apart from the bit at the bottom that says "Noneta" would be great if it had my name instead. Anyway must go to bed, shattered.
Here are some of the sites I used to find kawaii icons and cool backgrounds.





  1. wow. cute desktop. thanks for the links :) i wanna check them out
    mwas x

  2. i've been to PixelGirlPresents before lots of times! :) i love that site! :) i need to put up some icons instead of these dumb boring ones i have now...they're sooo lame. :/


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