Thursday, 6 August 2009

Desktop Hoover Hetty is Pink, Miniature and Cute

This is something I really want I love Henry the hoover but Hetty is cute because it's pink, I love Hetty and it would be handy to have a little hoover for my craft table. Would you buy it or do you think it's just one of those things you really don't need and will use once? secretly I think it might be but it just looks so cute although I will have to give it a miss because I'm too broke anyway If your lucky and can buy it here is the link to another of my favourite sites It's got about 10 million items I want you should have a look I'm sure you will find something you like :D


  1. How cute! I would buy Hetty just cuz she is pink and it's my favorite color.

  2. Ha ha.. ahh.. I don't think I'll invest in one of those. I used to be seriously happy about crap like this, I ended up owning so much junk it wasn't even funny. I bought most of it at charity shops, so it was mostly really cheap stuff, but still useless. They say that you shouldn't own too much as then the stuff ends up owning you. I guess that's what happened. I've given most of it away now, and burned the rest. I only kept the bestest stuff and now I try to be really selective with the stuff I call my own. In my own opinion. I'm sure a lot of people would still call me a collector of junk :P

  3. I totally totally want one of those <3


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