Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bizarre, Funky, Cute and Weird Umbrellas

Do you know I have never bothered with an umbrella, that is until I came to live in Edinburgh. It rains all the time here even more than in Dundee it seems, so I bought a cheap boring little blue tartan one that fits in my bag. It does the job and it's something I couldn't live without now but I would love some of these ones I found. Especially the inflatable cloud umbrella and the UFOcap what a cool invention. Here are some more umbrellas you can go sing and dance in the rain with.

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  1. I love these. It makes me want it to rain. haha

  2. I know, every time someone buys an umbrella in the shop I work in I'm sure they are wishing for rain so they can show them off.

  3. Those are so freaking cool! I love the bubble ones, and the leaf is pretty cool too. I would totally carry that one, and pretend I was a little fairy hiding under it. Wow I'm cool. ;-)

  4. I would love to own the heart one and the Hello Kitty one... But they are all lovely, or strange :)


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