Saturday, 15 August 2009

Balloon Fashion Dresses: Dresses Made out Of Balloons

I love these much more than any regular dresses I have seen around lately, they are fabulous I love the way they sit, the vivid colours and style. I'm going to make myself one if I have a ball or a big night out to go to. Or I could even find someone who can make them and buy one for the night it would be so worth it, you would feel like a princess, although I bet you would get bad boys trying to burn your balloons and you wouldn't be able to sit down. Hmm I would still try it for one night anyway. Would you wear one of these? I think it would be fun at the end of the night rolling around rat arsed trying to burst all the balloons. At least then I would have an excuse :P


  1. Amazing!

    I don't actually think I'd wear one (especially not the bikini :p) would be good for a wedding where you don't have to sit...or for rolling down hills!

  2. rolling down hills would be great fun. I need to have a shot at that.

  3. oooh, I love those! I would definitely wear one if someone gave me one- but I wouldn't make one or buy one because I'd imagine it'd take a million hours or a million dollars and I'd inevitably run into a pair of scissors. I love the green watermelony looking one the best!

  4. I wonder how much one would cost? hmm anyone know any balloon dress makers?

  5. Wow, love that! What a nice craft.


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